Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We love the Library.

Inspired by our weekly trips to the Library, which we love. It is just up the road fortunately so it has become a regular venue for our girls since Ashley was 2.
Many Tuesdays I pick out children's books for the girls which inspire my eye and hope to jolt a few creative waves in my body.
Ashley has been drawing much more on her pictures...this is my take of her recent drawing she did yesterday...Hammi the orange Horse...because Jordan likes Hammi and the colour Orange...lots of symbolism which blows me away that a 4 year old has reason already for the images she draws.
There is an illustrator I wish to mention...he's a recent find and I absolutely love his work...his name is David Shannon.His work is alive! I have read a couple of his books before and hope to find more!
I have posted a link in "favourite illustrators"...ladies, feel free to add to it!
Until tomorrow...Charlotte,Ontario

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