Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is from a walk along the river, looking at the plane trees, the autumn colours are just coming in and it was a bit like colour by numbers but a fun project for an evening that is definitely starting to feel chillier. A funny evening that began with the discovery of the missing half loaf of brown bread, that I have been searching for since yesterday afternoon. I just couldn't find it - then I removed the washing from the machine tonight and discovered that a certain little 2 year old had sneaked it into the drum and it had disintegrated all over our clothes - nice!! We've had a fun day, exploring the local curiosity that is Scott's Grotto, an underground folly decorated with flint and shells covering the walls of the chambers in this odd little garden hideaway. Jack loved exploring in the dark with a torch and didn't want to leave. I hope your girls get better quickly - it's no fun having both of them with colds I'm sure... up the vit C doses! Tam, Herts

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