Sunday, February 8, 2009

Etsy in Red

Well...I finally figured out after a couple of hours searching the net how to place my Etsy Shop on our Blog...Tam, you'll have to join Etsy and add some of your awesome photos for sale!
I figured if I don't get around to anything else least I've done that(and there's lots of red!!.
Hoping to get a sale very soon...not sure what else to do apart from pray...
Happy browsing...cheer-io for now.
Charlotte, Ontario


Joyce said...

I always wonder how people set up there etsy sites on their blogs. I wasn't sure if you go to etsy or blogger. They sure don't make things easy do they? lol...

Blog Artists said...

Go to your Etsy shop and go to Etsy Mini...create the banner image you wish by choosing your items...and then copy the code...then enter your Blogspot site and customise a target...there's one where you can enter HTML.
Hope this helps!


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