Friday, February 13, 2009

A little birdie once told me...

A little birdie once told me...if you put yourself out there you'll eventually get noticed...

Thanks to all of you who are now following our Blog...hopefully Tam will be back up and running soon...she's an incredibly creative friend who is just a little busy with her new born Beth.
I have another piece of red to's my favourite Marimekko fabric...I grew up with a Marimekko table cloth and decided to purchase one for our girls to grow up bright and cheerful-love it!

I thought I would draw some birds and colour them with my girls new Pipsqueak colouring felt-tips...I'm about to add some gift cards to my Blueshinebaby Etsy site getting ready for our Mamas and Chicks Spring Show which is creeping up on us...go to to see who'll be at our Show this year!
Happy Valentine's~~~~ if I don't manage to post anything tomorrow!
Charlotte, Ontario

1 comment:

pve design said...

I love that print too. It looks a cheery today as yesterday.


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