Friday, March 6, 2009

My Spring muse...

Before I start on my little muse...I WON a gorgeous pair of earings last night made by TASCHA. I absolutely adore her work, you must check it out if you don't know who and what she does...The Giveaway was so much fun...Tascha gave us a clipping of a painting and we had to go to her Etsy store and find the matching picture.Yay, and I won them!

Well, our little one has become my Spring muse due to us doing crafts in the morning when her sister is at school...she's my Life Model for the Spring until I find a life class to do...I may dedicate Spring to concentrating on my weaknesses. For example, HANDS...and FEET...proportioning...I just need to approach them in the same way I do when drawing a face...practice,practice,practice...

What are your challenges within what you create on a daily bases??
Thanks for popping by and I appreciate all your comments!

Tam will be back soon...she's just getting used to life with 2 little ones.Love ya Tam!


Char said...

what a sweet drawing - so adorable

StudioCherie said...

This sketch captures that relaxed concentration that comes from doing one thing at a time - a natural for little ones. I need to get back to that myself. Thank you for posting.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

My creative outlet these days are my blog (although I'm a former jewelry designer). I find blogging to be challenging - trying to be unique in a world of a gazillion great blogs is intimidating to me. Guess the best approach is to just keep it real, open, and honest - someone will like it! ;)
Happy Weekend!

Joyce said...

This is a sweet drawing I love it!


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