Thursday, March 26, 2009

Productive Spring...

I'm feeling like this Spring is going to turn into a productive one if I keep up the one a day watercolours until our Show in April.
This one is inspired by many travels taken in my early 20's. Although I have never ridden an elephant, just having travelled to Africa and Thailand where Elephants are roaming in the wild through the streets created an image in my head which will always be there. They seem such gentle creatures and yet can destroy a town or village in minutes.
The Town in the background comes from memories of visiting family in Copenhagen in Denmark...their beautiful rich slate roofs and colourful houses in reds, oranges and yellows. Quite charming...and quaint, but the Danes are extremely up to date when it comes to decorating...modern and clean lines with lots of artwork to cover their walls. One day I will take my husband and daughters there and show them where their Mummy is from(Swedish also, so my next will be dedicate to Sweden-another beautiful country which I have yet to explore).
Thanks for passing by and leaving such enduring comments...have a wonderful day!


hmstrjam said...

thanks for stopping by! i've always wanted to go to denmark-! love that giant elephant!

Anonymous said...

Abs. Beautiful!!!! And Swedish??

cindy : quaint said...

i love your painting and the stories about your travels. good luck with your painting a day!

"Blog Artists" said...

Thanks all...oh, hope I get today's painting done...have a wonderful morning.

Jen said...

My son loves elephants, so of course this one is his favorite! Beautiful!!!


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