Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Days...

These are what Spring Days are expected to be...not more snow...or at least what I am used to. It's funny,I have been here in Canada for 9 years and I'm still expecting snow drops and bluebells in March...but no...we don't see them up here until May!
Don't get me wrong I love the 4 seasons we get and can't wait until our little ones are able to ski the Winters with my husband and I...I LOVE the Autumn in Canada and the Spring...Summer is extremely hot and at this precise moment I can not imagine just dressing in shorts and a T-Shirt...we have had -14 degrees since mid-November 2008...that's 3 full months already of below zero...I think we deserve some warmth and flowers SOON!
I'm looking forward to getting those wellies on and the umbrellas out,to seeing colours in nature and feeling the Sun on our bodies.
Sweet dreams...I'm off to catch my Zzzz's and pray for Spring!


SimplyEverything said...

I gave you a blog award, come to my blog to check it out! =)

cindy : quaint said...

love your illustration. come on spring, don't be shy ;)!

Snezana said...

I am praying for the spring too,is always raining and my baby catch a cold!
I like very much this illustration!

DeadpanAlley said...

This series is my favorite. I bet a lot of moms would buy the originals and prints...



Anonymous said...

so beautiful!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!

日月神教-任我行 said...



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