Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awarded 3 awards...wow, thank you!

BIG thanks go out to Robin from Southern Painter for awarding us the "Passion for Painting"Award.
And to Silke from Metamorphosis and Hilary from GoldButton Studio who both awarded us the Lemonade Award.
Thank you all...I had big plans on posting them last week and have just been swept off my feet.
I'm juggling the final prep for the Mamas and Chicks trade show I organise with a friend...and dealing with 58 vendors can be consuming at times...I love it because they're really great women, but my home and children are being a little neglected...they've been having more play dates, which I think they actually LOVE!
Anyway, I will be posting another watercolour later today.
I hope you are well...apologies for not visiting your blogs recently either...everything will be back to the norm soon.
Have a great Tuesday...


Char said...

congrats on the awards and the show!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks Char...I just wish I had more time for "my" stuff which I'd like to bring.

cindy : quaint said...

congrats on everything!


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