Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little illustration to inspire, from Walter Crane's 'Mother Hubbard picture book.' Nothing to do with my day today, but I liked its style! Today fingers crossed we get the keys to our new home. It feels great as it is our first place that will be truly us together (our first home was one that I bought before we were married and always felt a teensy bit like 'my place' for both of us I think, and apt that we get it on our wedding anniversary by complete coincidence). Now as a family we move on and I am so excited about our future together.. soppy I know but it feels good today! It's also the day that my lovely husband gets his exam results so I am nervous and hopeful that he will have passed - the stress will pass for a few more months till the next ones! Still there is a little more space there for me to be more creative I hope, not such a pocket handkerchief of a place as my current hideaway!
I finally got to visit your beautiful sister and totally gorgeous nephew today Char. The sun was out and they both looked so well... Morty is sooooo sweet, such a good little fellow! He was holding Beth's hand as they lay on the play mat together... very cute! It always feels so good to be over that way, I love driving down through the forest to see your family! The drive home (3 hours!) however was another matter.. Jack kept asking if our car had run out of petrol as we kept stopping on the motorway, but when I pointed out that all the other cars were at a standstill too he looked totally puzzled!Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will be back next week! Loving the once upon a time series
by the way if only I could be carried off on my 'Ella' to dream land! Talking of which - I'd better go and dream feed my little pumpkin - it's late here and time has flown by!
Tam, Hertfordshire


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Beautiful Illustrations...I can't wait to meet little Morty.So good that you both have little ones in your arms at the same time.
Thanks for posting a lovely post!

Silke said...

Good luck with your new home! It's so special to have your very own family space! Congrats!! :) Silke

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks for your comment Silke, it really is an exciting time and strangely blog makes it even more interesting!


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