Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess WHO?...GIVEAWAY...

TODAY...is nearly 9 years to the day that I have been married to my sweet, kind, thoughtful, sensitive, respectful, loving, ingenious and Handsome Husband.
We were married on Canada Day in 2000. Easy day to remember...and we will always get to spend it together because it's a Holiday here is Canada! Did I say he was thoughtful??
Our Wedding was such a special day...our wedding Party dressed up in 18th Century dress, the Sun was out and it all took place at Parkwood Estate in the gardens...
We had only lived with each other for maybe 10 weeks...we had been engaged for one year...and before that had known each other in person for only 8 days before my husband proposed to me. It's a story to be illustrated and read by millions...it was meant to be.
I was in Spain...and he swept me off my feet...and brought me to Canada.

I have pictures to show you of where I used to live...but I'll save them for another post.
Four years after we were married...little Ash (on the right) came along...and two years later Jordi (on the left)...Now we are the above...a family of 4.
The photos are resting on a watercolour ready to be painted...
Tell me below::
WHAT is the animal in this picture...and what colour should it be?
The winner will be picked randomly...and will be given a custom Once Upon a Time watercolour.
All entries must be in before 11.59pm July 4th.
All entrants must be a Fabulous Follower of our blog already.
Extra Entry::
Post about the Giveaway on your Blog!

Thanks for visiting...HAPPY CANADA DAY to all of you wonderful Canadians!
To my DH- I love you MUCHO!
Charlotte, Ontario


Hyla said...

Happy Anni!!

It is a Polar Bear and it should be a gradiant of white and blue.

Your wedding picture is fabulous I would LOVE to see more from that special day!! I love themed weddings!
Hubby and I were married on Halloween and we had a renaissance wedding!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, how fabulous...a Halloween wedding...I love our wedding picture too...it's one of the better ones, we had a photographer who was stuck in the 80's...heehee...never mind, memories are what count in the end!

Stephanie Kim said...

polar bear! make it an unconventional shade of light periwinkle :)

Stefanie Beyeler said...

Such a handsome family, congratulations to your wedding day!
Where I grew up, the bears are brown:
But I think this one would look great in skyblue?

bopbopdesigns said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kwana said...

Happy anniversary!! You look beautiful and so does your family. I'll have to say polar bear too and go with white.

Snezana said...

Wow what a great family,beautiful!Congratulations for you anniversary!
P.S.That is a bear,polar white bear!

Kaylovesvintage said...

no bears in this part of the world..
enjoy your day and little family

Rose Red said...

What a great story. You make a lovely couple.

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Hello Char! Happy Anniversary!

Wow... I loved that story... maybe one day I'll tell you mine ;).

Anyway, for the lovely Giveaway, I'm guessing it's some kind of bear. Probably a polar bear, which in my opinion would look FABULOUS with bleu and green... or blue and white!

Enjoy your double holiday!
Best wishes,
PilliPilli Handmade

pve design said...

I do think it is a bear, a polar bear and I see icy blues with something romantic on the border, a silvery purple -
Congrats to you - and your man and your little joys. May each day be full of goodness and of course your art!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary Char! What a beautiful family!! sooo sweet! As for the animal!? I see everyone is saying polar bear, but I immediately thought brown bear!? go figure:) xoxox...jenn

*Myrarte* said...

I have left a small gift you in my blog.

alinadel said...

It is a fairy tale bear and it should be blue and green water colored.
Your family is really nice and you look happy! Have a nice and joyful life!
Best wishes from Romania!

Silke said...

Happy Anniversary! And a giveaway! How wonderful!!

Well, the animal looks like a polar bear. How about making it light blue?

The photos are wonderful!!

Hugs, Silke

Shaina said...

Happy Belated Anniversary and Canada Day!

Its a beautifully, rich Brown Bear.


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