Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once Upon a Time...Hedgehog.

I finished a commission for an Original Watercolour from one of our Fabulous Readers...thanks so much to the lovely lady from
Hedgehog Studio
Hope you love it Julie!
Have a great day finishing the Zebra and Unicorn at lunch today...
Tam, thanks for the Birthday cards for the girls!
Char, Ontario


Micki said...

ooh this is gorgeous i'm sure it will be treasured for a very long time.

Micki x

Georgina said...

I love hedge hogs! I'd never heard of them till I moved to Germany many years back and I fell in love. I collected them while I was there, but I returned, well, it was difficult to find them since they're not native to the West TX desert!!! Love the little adorable.

Micki said...

Hi, I did quite well at the craft fair thanks.
The market has changed though, this year there were still lots of people there but not many were buying compared to last year, I had a conversation with most of the other stall holders and some didn't even get 1 sale so I am very grateful for what I made.

Micki x

The Clever Pup said...

I *love* that hedgehog. My dad collected hedgehogs, but alas he is no more.

Thanks for the comment on my site about birthdays. My brother in law shares your birthday. I'm guessing you are fairly different because he has no hobbies except himself (He's a public speaker), and not a creative bone in his body. But he is driven, hard-working and seems to believe every cloud has a silver lining.

K said...

love the hedge hog!! i am sure she will adore it too!!

tamara "inky!" garvey said...

Oh, I love that hedgehog painting! So cute with the little girl clutching onto his back.

Thank you for your nice comment about my work at papernstitch -- I followed your link here and I just love your work. :)

Silke said...

Oh, so beautiful! I've always had a love for hedgehogs and this one is so adorable. What a talent you have!! :) Silke said...

the girls are gorgeous..
I havn't been to visit for awhile either.. busy girl...
so glad you popped in...
this work captures me.. love it
guess I'm just a kid at heart..
or I didnt get to be a kid long enough...have a wonderful weekend with your girls..
mona & the gaffer girls

Jen said...

I've been on vacation. Sorry for the slow reply on my order. I want to get the print of the lion one with Ty's name, or Ty Bradley...whichever fits best. Let me know how to pay for it! THANKS!!!


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