Friday, June 19, 2009

Work and play.... took 2 hours to complete...but I'm really happy with how the overall idea for that wall came out,(hope YOU like it LA)...I'll be adding frogs,Lilly flowers,crickets,ducks and other flowers in other sketches.
I'm looking forward to start adding colours,although it probably won't happen until Saturday...tomorrow the girls have their Ballet Recital Rehearsal.
Here's a goofy photo of them...have a wonderful weekend...if I don't get around to posting.
Thanks for stopping by...are you up to anything special this weekend?
All is quite here at home...for those of you who had read my post earlier this week, will know what I'm referring to...IT's a GOOD thing:-)


Yellowgoat said...

that's amazing. If I can draw and paint like you, my apartment will be full of tree, and drawn doors. ;D

PilliPilli Handmade said...


Feel like popping over to my house for a change? ... too bad my house is a rental. I bet they won't let me take the walls and doors when I move out.

I guess now my weekend will be filled with dreams of painting stuff on my walls. And sewing, of course...

Best wishes,
PilliPilli Handmade

The Silver Dog said...

Love the mural! and I love that it is in black and white

Anonymous said...

How lovely!!
Are you familiar with Tasha Tudor's work? She has been an influence in my life and I appreciate her children's illustrations as well!

Jen said...

That mural is amazing. Good luck with the recital!!!

Lille Diane said...

delightful....your girls...your ideas...your passion....your sketches.... quite remarkable, and I'm thankful for artists like you. Can't wait to see the color you add!!!

The Curious Cat said...

Gorgeous design! Do you basically do this for a living then? xxx


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