Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday wishes...

Firstly...just quickly, because I told all of you I would tell you how we did in the race...we came in 17th out of 450 teams on Saturday's City Chase. We didn't have to eat anything which was just by chance because we chose a different route which had other chasepoints like: dressing up in a Velcro suit and throwing yourself onto a Velcro wall, OR playing blind croquet, OR strip Jenga, OR being locked in an old Jail cell and trying to find a key in complete darkness to unlock the door(there were 8 keys in total in the cell)...we had a lot of fun, and our next race is on August 15th in Toronto.
Yesterday I spent the day working on the Fairy Mural...and this is what I accomplished. I feel like I'm in "My Little Pony" land, which is a good thing because the client wanted bright and cheerful. My wishes for today are that I finish the tree,flowers and the Olivia name...I only have 2 more days so I have lots of work to do.
Well, I was out with a girlfriend last week and we walked into a store hoping they would have a Tagine which I could cook in...because as some of you may recall I received one for my anniversary gift...but due to it being painted and glazed...I could only use it as a serving dish.
Above is my new Tagine, I love it.
I cooked chicken and vegetables last's so quick to use, sear your meat-place a layer of carrots on the bottom of the tagine,place your meat on top of the carrots and layer all the other veggies on top.
I have only cooked with it twice but am amazed at how after it cooking for 1 and a half hours...the carrots are still al dente and the meat is so it!
This was just before closing it up and placing it in the oven to oil and very little salt...and still super tasty!
I took the girls to the Toronto Zoo on Monday...
Always a great place for taking pics of animals as reference for my painting.

I love the little butterfly sanctuary they can walk amongst the butterflies fluttering above your heads. Jordan was a little scared, but Ash held her hand and assured her everything would be o.k....very sweet.
I love this picture I took ...sorry, I haven't had a chance to look up the name of it.
Ok...I'm off to work...
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


Escapist said...

Loved it :-)


Silke said...

My, you have been busy!! I love that mural - it'll be great for a little girl... And the chicken dish you did in your Tagine looks delcious!! I love going to the zoo...the butterflies are gorgeous! :) Silke

Georgina said...

I love the does remind me of the Little Pony Land...memories of my daughters favorite little toys. Ok, you've convinced me to finally get a tangine. I've been wanting one for years since I went to a Middle Eastern eatery in L.A. and we sat on the floor surrounded by lovey pillows, veils and scents coming out of the kitchen. BTW, your girls are daughter's shooting out boys...she's expecting #4 next month...I love my little "Penis Posse" to death..they're my joy, but hopefully, she'll have that little girl someday...she wants one more, the crazy child!!!

Have a wonderful, cool day as we sizzle here in West Texas.

Char said...

mmmmmmmmmm, the food sounds delish and the butterflies are so beautiful. My niece adores my little pony so she would be so very happy with the mural. It is looking great.

J.H said...

the fairy mural looks fantastic, even when it is half done. I can't wait to see the complete artwork!

Lee Beth said...

These pictures are great. Glad you had a fun time at the zoo and painting.

cindy said...

congratulations on lucky 17! the race sounds like so much fun and so is the mural. wow! your girls are such cuties!

Sandy K. said...

That mural is incredible...good luck finishing in two days! It would take me a life time - not really, as I'd have to hire it done.

The beautiful backlit butterfly is fabulous. The recipe sounds good, but I'm not familiar with the dish. Your blog is so interesting.


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