Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Illustration:: Once Upon a Time...Elephant.

I finished this Elephant(Silke yours is slightly different-I will post them another time) watercolour for a lady who had been trying for years to have a child and finally her and her husband went to Vietnam to give little Tinh, their son, a home here in Canada.
I hope she likes it...
Excuse the very short post today...I will post again on Sunday as we have the Mitsubishi City Chase tomorrow...and will be out all day.
Wish us luck.


Char said...

a very sweet painting. good luck with the run!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks Char-the luck worked, we came 9th out of 455 teams.

Silke said...

So very cute! Looking forward to seeing the one you make for me. You are so talented!! :) Congrats on the run! Hugs, Silke

prashant said...

a very sweet painting. good luck with the run!

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claude said...

Wow.. This is a very meaningful piece. Honestly, I'm starting to get inspired by you guys to take drawing and art lessons. I loved drawing first before I fell in love with writing when I was a kid. :-)


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