Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's moments...

Hello fabulous readers...
Today has been a busy day...this is what we got up to::
  • Woke up and bathed the little ladies in the picture above...always takes at least 40 minutes plus another 20 to comb out their hair.
  • Drove to Home Depot because I had to pick up some varnish for the pond mural, little "N" took a marker to the wall...I should have thought about wear and tear from little ones...but the thought totally surpassed me. My faut.
  • From there we drove quickly(but not as fast as Daddy!) to our girl's doctor appointment.
  • Ash had a shot...she was brilliant. Very brave.
  • went up to LA and varnished 2 coats on the bathroom walls(one would never know-but I feel better about leaving their 2 year old in there alone.
  • **Jordan wanted to talk about how Men and Women's anatomy was SO different!
  • Drove back down to the Toy store...hence 2 EXTREMELY excited little girls.
  • Came home...and cleaned up their toys...feels good, the girls helped.
  • Made Dinner...stir fry vegetables,left over ribs(YUM) and chicken sausages,
  • Little ladies to takes at least 40 mins to an hour(reading 2 books before their bedtime)
  • Eat dinner
  • caught up on emails
  • ran FAST around the block...(only a 10 minute run)
  • and about to go and catch some Zzzzzzz's

Don't forget to check out our TELL all TUESDAYS tomorrow.

Charlane from Ramblins will be honouring us with some insights to whom she is...
Check back around 10amET.




Carol Andre' said...

What adorable girls- too cute! And what a day! :-0 I remember having kids- it seemed to be "non-stop"! Loved hearing about another "typical" day- some days it's just all about living life, and not painting. Darn...

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, I know...but the painting keeps me on the right track!
Thanks for passing by Carol.

Char said...

so sweet and adorable


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