Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mouth-watering Wednesdays...

I'm many do you think I can eat before my stomach starts screaming at me...?These yellow plums are so yummy, mouth-watering and morish that it's hard to stop eating them.
They were given to us by a friend who lives in Toronto...first thoughts were...he lives in the City=Tonnes of Pollution...??? Do I even place one in my mouth?
Then without to offend my husband who carried them all the way home from work, I placed them reluctantly in our fruit drawer in the fridge and forgot about them until today...I'm in the middle of a commission, which I will show you next's a surprise(for the receiver) and can't post it yet...(I'll explain later). Anyways...I needed "something" (as our little Jordan would say) and we have another City Chase Race this Saturday so I've been trying to choose healthy snacks.
The Plums called out...and I tried one, two, ate three...YUM!
You got to love fruit which is picked straight of the tree. Thanks "R"!
Off to pick the girls up...they've had a play date all morning.
Then we have to return an overdue Library book(whoops)...Ash had snuck it up to her Astrix comic at that! She's suddenly become obsessed with comics.
I love the Library...what a great idea...I wonder when it was invented or thought of in the grand scale of things?
I guess that's a question for Google later.
We're choosing fairy-tales to read for bed-time stories this week. I can't and won't read Pinocchio another night for Jordan...I swear I could probably recite it to you...but won't! All she wants is Pinocchio.
What have you been up to today? and what's YOUR fave fruit this week?
See you tomorrow, thanks for passing by and leaving your awesome thoughts and comments.


Char said...

funny thinking about libraries - I wonder in ancient times were they able to check out scrolls or did they have to read them inside the library. food for thought.


TJ said...

Oh I love Libraries! I can walk around for hours ^_^! Indeed a good question when they start the whole concept of libraries!

Oh my fave fruit of this week is....watermelon!! But have to say, those plums look really delicious! c

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks TJ and Char...I found out that the first Public Libraries were around the time of the Roman Empire.
I may ellaborate a little more in a post.
Have a good morning!

Stacey said...

Those look crazy delicious!!
I have been enjoying bowls of cherries this week in Southern California. :)

MUS said...

nice colors.
my every week fave is raspberry


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