Monday, August 10, 2009

We're back...

and we had such a fun time...the children(all 25 of them) were entertained constantly. Surprisingly enough there were very few moments where I felt the noise level was too much.
Above is a sketch I quickly did before we left.
It was a gorgeous cottage and we were in a bay of Lake Muskoka which seemed to always give a it never got too hot.
The place was large enough that with 19 adults and that many children ranging in age from 4 months to 44 years old...we all found places to relax during the day...and all the kids got on well...there were a few tattle-tales...but no cuts...a few bumps...and only a few time-outs.

I really though I was going to have more time to myself...but that wasn't the case. I brought up crafts to do with the children...but they were content making chocolate milk and mud pies out of the dark clay beach.
Here's a picture of our girls and a friend of theirs donning the masks we had fun with the night before...because our friend turns 40, we had a "Naughty and Nice" pass the parcel game in the evening when all the kiddies went to bed...I have pictures of what everyone opened on their turn...but not sure I should post it...we left the "Nicies" out for the little ones to play with the next of hysterical laughing was had by all!

Daddy took the girls out on a canoe ride one day...they were out for a good hour and a half and loved bouncing on the fear(yet)
The dock was a great place later on in the evening to watch the quiet and tranquil, away from the hustle and bustle of the chefs in the kitchen prepping dinner for 20+.
I would do it again...I'll post more pictures during the week...I wish the Internet had been working, it would have been great to post daily, as each day was SO different.
Talking about DIFFERENT...
Starting tomorrow we're starting "TELL all TUESDAYS" where we're interviewing an artist,crafter,photographer,jeweller who we think deserves a little more recognition in their lives...or if they already have it...maybe just to get to know them slightly better.
Our first artist for our Tuesday interview tomorrow is a lovely lady who lives all the way in a little village in Italy.
Check back tomorrow for our "TELL all TUESDAYS" launch!
Hope you had a good week...and are enjoying this crazy filled Summer of unpredictable weather...I wish I'd had my camera with me last night...the Lightening Storm was incredible!!!!
It's good to be back...


Jenn Jilks said...

What a lovely sketch and blog! My Muskoka ! is the place to be!

Micki said...

That sounds like an amazing holiday!

Micki x

The Curious Cat said...

Great sketch - looks like you had a great time! xxx

cindy said...

welcome home! it sounds like a really wonderful vacation. i love the photo in the canoe - so cute. looking forward to more pics and your new feature.

Annika said...

Good to have you back ;) Great sketch!
It looks like you had a great vacation.
Looking forward to see more pictures.
I´ll be back.


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