Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good to be home...

it really is good to be home...
Do you ever feel like you do so much and try to cram as much as you can in a weekend? Especially the last few of the Summer...because along comes Winter and so many weekends are spent at home.
Well the whole Summer has been crazy...and as much as I love our road trips, but I adore coming home.
The girls seem to relax more at home, they have all their toys and's tough trying to gather items which will occupy them,toys,books,dolls,stickers, bring with us every time we head out for the day.
Yesterday(Saturday) we went to the "drop Zone" husband had to pick up a rig(parachute) to practice packing on so he can complete his course.
So we were there a good 4 hours.
I ended up sketching my little nephew Morton...he looks a little Alien in this sketch, I haven't met him yet...but know from the pictures which I receive he has big piercing eyes...striking little fella! (I CAN'T WAIT to meet him at xmas)
The sketch is for Matt,my brother in-law...his Birthday was yesterday...Happy Birthday Matt!

Today we left for Picton,Ontario...where my husband had a couple of friends slalom racing their cars...and asked if he'd like to try it.
SO...up again,prepping for the whole day out...our girls are such great travellers...but they also knew that we were going to Bird House City!
We've been a few times, the last time was 2 years it was new and exciting for J...little miss A couldn't wait to see them's a large conservation area where different artists have made replicas of historical buildings in and around Picton...and others such as this Horse...Miss J's fave.
Of course Miss A chose the castle as her favourite!
So...I'm not sure if you've all noticed the AMOUNT of bugs this year....but when we were at the raceway this afternoon...we were surrounded by crickets and grasshoppers...
One landed on J's hand..."Look Mummy" she said...followed by...
her completely freaking out because it wasn't going anywhere and was making itself quite comfortable on her body...I'm so glad I caught it on camera...because she was pretty upset...but know she will be talking about it for months.(that's just what she does)
Somebody caught a pic of me sketching...haha...see how I hold my pen...I always have and always will...teachers at school would be constantly trying to correct I do with little miss she has the same issue...funny what gets passed down.
I don't think I have ever drawn a car before...makes me chuckle a I had to add miss A's little baby she pushes or carries everywhere with her...just to pretty it up a little. I like this sketch and am happy with the wonky,wobbly lines...I wasn't concerned too much about was a fun exercise.
AND...finally, from the bugs eye view...our girls watching the cars zig-zag through the slalom course. LOVE this going to get it printed for sure.
Wow...that was a long post...if you got through it...thanks for hanging in there!
How was your weekend? Did you get up to much?
Make sure you enter the 500+Giveaway I have going on if you haven't yet!!!
AND remember we have another Tell All Tuesday happening this week...check back to see who it is!
I'm off to get me some chicken soup...


Char said...

love the sketches and the purple martin houses. :)

Jen said...

That is so funny that you hold your pen like that. I have a death grip, also! Too bad the artistic skills didn't come with it for me! :0)

Tabiboo said...

Hi Char,

Bugs 'brrrrr' we have the autumnal spiders moving in as quick as you can blink!

Nina x

Meredith said...

Miss A is such a cutie pie :) I love that she totally freaks out but then hangs onto the story for months -- great detail. (Me, too -- I think I do that with freak-out stories.)

And loved that sketch, wonky lines and all.


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