Friday, September 25, 2009

WINNER of the AMY & ANN giveaway...

So...good luck to the very few who entered...but I'm extremely happy you few took the chance...hey, less is more sometimes*smile*.
And the winner is::
Char from Ramblins...YAY, well done you! That's awesome...a photographer winning a photography print! If anyone reading has NOT been over to Char's World at Ramblins...please take a visit over there and congratulate her!
I will email Amy and Ann and tell them the good news!
Now for some sweetness...we just returned from raspberry picking again....I know, my girls are going to get SO tired of picking fruit, they'll NEVER take their children when they have a family...BUT, I love it...and they do whilst they're there.
The bowl is *homemade* ...I took a pottery course with my husband and 4 other couples(all good friends) and made a series of these bowls...they are SO heavy, but I love the way they turned out...not bad for my first Pottery lesson!
Maybe we'll try it again some just gets busy with kids....BUT having said that, we are taking Swing and Jive lessons starting Monday...wish us luck...not sure if my hubbie and I will be loving each other or hating each other after the class!
Have you ever done a class with your partner??? How did it pan out???


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Congratualtions Char! Enjoy your lovely prize. :)

Florrie x

cindy said...

i love the bowl and the class sounds like so much fun! i would need to wear army boots for something like that with scott ;). i'm sorry i was late for the giveaway. their photos and blog are wonderful. enjoy your weekend!

Char said...

love the bowl!! and the classes sound like fun - hopefully it will provide lots of giggles.

and thank you thank you!!! I'm so excited about the print.

PilliPilli Handmade said...

Oh dearie!
I totally missed this one!
Can't be offline for a sec, can you?! But then again, You can't win them all either! :o)

Anyway, the bowl looks lovely! I've been playing around with ceramics for years, and lately I'm planning to get back to it. It's just so much fun! Who Knows... Maybe I'll start when we move into the new house, where I'll have my VERY OWN Studio! (Instead of the klitchen table!)...

Well, A big hug and have fun dancing!


DesBisoux said...

*louder sigh*

have a great weekend Char!xxx

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I totally missed this one! Dang!! Anyway, happy, happy joy, joy to the lucky winner. Please keep me posted when you ladies do it again. Your blog is wonderful and I think that the two of you working together is so cool. Great illustrations and mixed media. How grand. Thanks so much for sharing and coming by to visit I really appreciate it.

Quilt Works said...

Congratulations to the winner! Sorry I missed it!!

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