Sunday, September 13, 2009

you'll LOVE this...

maybe as much as I do...and I just HAD to share it with you all.
Last Thursday Amy from Pikaland (GREAT blog-she's our Tell all Tuesday this week) posted an article with Gemma Correll and her new FLICKR venture "What I wore today".
The difference is that you must only draw your "outfit" and no photos are allowed.
There are so many of you fabulous readers out there whom I'm sure would have SO much fun with this...
SO, I gave it a go. It's like a Fashion Diary for the camera shy...I also see it as a great reflective tool,hey, I can REALLY see how I need MORE stylin in my every day wears!!!.
I'm going to try and post at least 5 days a week there...and do a few of our girls and what they're wearing too.(Little Miss A and Miss J thought this was a wonderful idea!)
These are my first editions...enjoy and you MUST go and see what talents the group holds.
Hoping you had a great weekend...ours was spent at the Drop darlin hubbie was sky-diving again.
What did you get up to???


Char said...

fun challenge! LOL but the point is that you can draw . . . while I cannot - but maybe I can do this in the morning when I'm not so sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Fun fun fun! And skydiving how adventures.
Mine was spend sailing, drawing and enjoying these last days of summer.

Micki said...

Fantastic, I love the idea of drawing your outfits instead of photographing them, brilliant!!

Micki x

Anonymous said...

love them, they are all so cute!

DesBisoux said...

love the drawing!it's a really fun idea...if you can actually draw!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

These are great! Wonderful idea!!

{The Perfect Palette} said...


Anonymous said...

Your advatar photo, you both look so happy together. I always enjoy your beautiful smiles.
Thank you for visiting me and bringing me your big smiles!

paula said...

I love these, so gorgeous!

Annette Q said...

Heehee! Love this idea, what a great flickr group, joining it straight away and will attempt to add to it v.soon!!


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