Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Summer slipped by!

Me and my babies, I look like I'm never going to let go of them in this picture and sometimes I can't imagine how I can feel so much love for these two little beings. They make my world!
Here we are at Merlin's cave in Cornwall, it was such a windy day and kept raining on and off as we sheltered in the cave then legged it out to play on the beach and scramble over the rocks. I know I haven't blogged for a long time but this summer has been many trips around and not much internet time... still it's all fodder for future blogs - I hope!

It was a summer of huge sandcastles, beautiful settings ( I still think the outlying island behind
Jack in this picture looked like the profile of a giant's head as he lay in his bath of the sea! ). Here Jack was building a pyramid apparently - with quite a bit of help from his Daddy!

A little ps for Char - (who by the way has been doing amazing things with her posts whilst I've been away, I loved the pictures of your girls birthday party for their dolls, what a great idea! Jack's teddy's were playing with his train set apparently whilst we were out... maybe a teddy bears picnic is overdue in our house!) As promised a picture of Ella for you to see - our sweet wise girl who is absolutely precious and amazingly gentle with my children as they constantly pet her, and who I am sure is responsible for making both of them crawl around so quickly as they are following her! I wonder if anyone else has found that happens with their pets!

Tam, UK


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

YAY..she's back...what a wonderful surprise to see our Tam post today.
Your little ones are growing up SO fast...I love Jack's stripey outfit...gorgeous!
Miss you Tam.

Char said...

adorable shots of your babies!!! welcome back

amy and ann said...

Cute cute.... Sounds like a great summer. Look forward to getting to know you better.

Micki said...

Ah Cornwall, wet, windy but so very english! I love it there!

Micki x

PROVINS said...

How cute they are!!

cindy said...

super-cute! i love england and sweet people who live there. enjoy your weekend!


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