Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a little overwhelmed...

but in a good way...if there is a good way of being overwhelmed that is?
I finished the 10 watercolours for the Shop Bibilot(which is a 40 minute drive away). Did I tell you about this project?
Well...I went into this most wonderful shop about 1/2 a year ago...stunning products, very gifty,French feel...and so much style.
So the other week I went to visit my good friend Shelly...and we walked through town she lives in...I carrying my little bag of goodies to show the owners of this fabulous shop(Bibilot) what I can offer them.
Two wonderful ladies, a mother and daughter team...greet me, not really with open arms, as I didn't have an appointment...BUT they loved the Once Upon a Time series...BUT didn't love everything...they asked if I would make 10 designs for their shop with just the phrase "Once Upon a Time..." on the bottom. They loved some of the designs SO much that I made a few very similar but not completely the same.
So, I walked out smiling,happy and very excited...but a little overwhelmed at the amount of work I would have to I really only have a good 4 hours a day where I can sit down and paint.
I finished them...and I'm off to see them this Saturday.
They will sell prints of these watercolours, already framed...with an option to by the watercolours.
BUT...each watercolour has a limited amount of 25 prints which can be made from each of them...this is something I am being very firm about, and I will sign each print.'s been a busy and very productive well as plugging our Mamas and Chicks Show which is in 2 weeks time...and finishing the 100 gift cards.
I know our girls are feeling the lack of Mummy devotion...but I need this, especially as we're going to spend the Holidays with my family in England.

I know that I have to visit all of you...and will make an effort this evening to sit, with my ice-cream...thanks Ann, I have a craving for it after your post today!

WISHING that you're all enjoying this Fall/Autumn day...thanks for stopping by.

What have you been OVERWHELMED by recently?



cindy said...

there's something about the fall that does bring on those feelings. maybe it's the shorter days? your paintings must be wonderful in person all lined up. congratulations! also, did you know they're about to open an anthropolgie in london. it's true!

DesBisoux said...

well done on all the hard work! it must be so exciting though!
and i'm sure that if they sure miss mom time, they're happy to see you so enthuisiastic about your art and so creative.

i feel you on the icecream, ann's post was brilliant!

if i understand we're doing a continent swap over the holidays?

have a lovely day!xxx

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Hi Char,
Well done at getting your work on the shelves at Bibilot. You must feel so proud! I hope they sell like hotcakes. I know how you feel about lack of mummy devotion - I've started work on a new book and so the children are definitely lacking in my attention - only for a few weeks though and we still manage our daily stroll in the park to kick the autumn leaves - such a stunning time of year. Best of luck with the last couple of weeks before the show. Tam xxxxx

Char said...

congrats!!!! that is a fabulous thing to get your work on the shelves. I just know it will do terrifically.

i'm thrilled for you

Silke said...

Oh, Char, I am so happy for you and not at all surprised that your beautiful art is going to be in this store. I am impressed that you are getting it all done while taking care of your family!!

So glad you are enjoying ice cream tonight...

Hugs, Silke

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How exciting. :) Great job. Bibelot is such a fun store. Where are you located? I know there are Bibelots in the Twin Cities, are there more in other places?

Let me know when your stuff is on display and I will definitely check your work out in person. Yay. :)

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful artwork!

PilliPilli Handmade said...

And of course there's a good way of being overwhelmed... trust me. I know, because I'm sort of in the middle of it myself. :o)

But enjoy the ride!

Hugs, K.

nadia khafagi said...

congrats, loved the birth story of ur {once upon a time} collection :)
wishing you best of luck!

amy and ann said...

thanks for all of your sweet comments you leave us daily. you are such a light of good energy. we really love to see what "you" are going to say fun!!
XO, amy

andrea creates said...

That is so great-Congratulations.I can see why they love your paintings too:)
It's a lot of rewarding hard work.

Kelly Lish said...

Wow! They are just beautiful. Congratulations on all your hard work! Really wonderful!

Jen said...

Wow! That is awesome! I bet those sell like crazy for that shop. Good luck!

amy and ann said...

Great job. It seems like we go through these days that push us. In a good way. But carve some time out when its over you deserve it. And some ice cream. Ha ha.

have a great day!



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