Monday, October 26, 2009

Now's the time...

to order commissions for Holiday gifts.
I finished these 2 and another one which I delivered before even taking a picture...I'll get it at a later date...they were commissions for nieces and nephews and the one above of the dog is for the lady who one the contest I posted about maybe a month ago.
I am almost caught up...and ready to go for our Mamas and Chicks Show...just have to post 200 posters and put out 100 lawn signs this week...and pack 250 loot bags next week.
I am offering all of YOU fabulous readers a discount on custom commissions...
Go to my Etsy Store for more info.
This SALE will be on until the 10th of November.
All you have to do is email me/convo me with... choice of Animal, how many children(or adults)with their names , and 3 colours.
Anyway, back to the drawing board...SO much to do...and SO little time.
See you tomorrow.


Jen said...

I still owe you the hugest THANK YOU for Ty's lion painting! You spoiled me and I didn't even realize how much. THANKS!!!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

You're welcome Jen!

Char said...

:) beautiful paintings

andrea creates said...

Great paintings-love the cat:)
Good luck at the show!


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