Wednesday, December 23, 2009

God one and all...

wishing you ALL...especially our 650 + FABULOUS readers...a very MERRY,HEALTHY and FESTIVE Christmas...
God Jul is Danish for Happy Christmas...and I wanted to see it every morning leading up to why not plaster it all over the lawn(in the snow).
This year I let them just have fun...go for it...and they did.
The cousins have been having such fun...I know little miss A and Little Miss J will miss Little miss O SO much when we have to go.
Can you believe it'll be 3 weeks that we're here already!!!
Well, my kind friends...may you enjoy time with family over the next few days....
We Celebrate tomorrow...the Scandi way:
Wake up to fresh coffee(very Strong) and croissants and Danish pastries.
Kids open their stockings...
Walk through the Farm to the Christmas Tree plantation(which was planted 20 years ago)
Choose a tree...(not always and easy bro is very competitive!)
Bring it home...put it up...
Have a drink outside...yes a drink at 10am...(to warm your inners)
Decorate the tree.
Put Goose in BBQ because oven keeps blowing circuit
Decorate some more tree.
Set the table...have a snack for lunch.
Siesta time...
Wake up and help Mum in the kitchen
EAT...Goose, caramelized potatoes, peas, brussels,red cabbage and carrots.
Followed by Rice pudding with almonds..the Scandi way...(Mum hides a whole almond amongst lots of chopped ones...and whoever finds it wins the Almond prize!)
Resort to sit SOFT and open gifts...we only do gifts for the kids now...
and to bed!
I will definitely post pics in the next couple of days...
HUGS & best wishes to you ALL.


cindy said...

thank you for visiting and spending some virtual time with us this year. have a very happy holiday & new year! xo, c

ruma2008 said...

Thank you for showing a decoration of beautiful light.

Please have a wonderful Christmas!!

From the Far East.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

I am experiencing some serious snow envy.

ELK said...

such lovely and unique traditions...blessing of the season to you and yours

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Char,
The food sounds fab!! Can I come by?? Oh, stop by for a visit to see the illustration the talented Giovanna made for me!!
Merry Christmas and hugs to you,

juanitatortilla said...

God Jul!
A Scandivanian Christmas celebration sounds so warm and lovely. I could do with a goose!!!
Enjoy yourselves, and have a wonderful Christmas.

Tabiboo said...

And a very merry Christmas and warm wishes for 2010.

take care,

Nina x

Micki said...

Your Christmas tradition sounds lovely.

Have a good one!
Happy Christmas!

Micki x

andrea creates said...

That sounds delicious and lots of fun-can I come ;)
Wishing you and your family the best of Christmases :)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving so many kind words this year :)

Char said...

sweet and beautiful shot - I hope all of your holiday hopes and dreams come true!

Merry Christmas!

PROVINS said...

JA god jul!! I hope you guys have the best time.. Looking forward to se more pics and hear storries from your life in the new year!!

lovepics said...

many thanks for your lovely wishes!
a very happy christmas to you and best wishes for 2010!

Michelle said...

Hi Char! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Your blog is just full of such wonderful images!:)



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