Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Smoking traditions...

every year around Christmas our family has a "eel smoking" afternoon with friends.
Aren't they AMAZING looking...I love this image.
Dad drives up to the Fish Market in London a week prior to smoking and picks up eels.
He salts them and leaves them in the saline solution for about 24 hours...or a little more.
He then rinses them off and hangs them on hooks inside his smoke oven(as seen in the above image).

We invite the regular smokers down to the house and get the Schnapps out(again) and nuts to munch on.
The whole afternoon of drinking and smoking starts at 2pm and ends close to 7pm...
You know when the eels are ready when the skin folds back away from the flesh and the meat of the eel is cooked.

The girls hang out and play soccer on the lawn...eat nuts and get cold very quickly, so they soon disappear and play inside.

It's a wonderful tradition...the eel tastes SO good...we make a big saucepan of rice...a salad and serve the eel on the rice with a dash of sweet terriyaki sauce. YUM...so good...if you're a fan of Japanese cuisine...they eat eel a lot...and usually have it on their menu....try it next time you come across it...it's GOOD!

So...another year is coming to a close.
I know I said I wouldn't be back until the new year...but I really do enjoy spending these few minutes reaching out and then reading what you're all up to...gaining inspiration and seeing so much eye candy!

IF...I am not back before the New Year...HAVE a wonderful Celebration and I hope you'll come on our Journey with us in 2010...thanks for ALL your tremendous support this past year.



Silke said...

I love, love, LOVE smoked eel and miss it here in the US! In Germany (I grew up in the northern part), we could always get freshly smoked eel at the market and we ate it often. I am sooooo envious and wish I could be there with you!! So happy you are having a wonderful time with your family!! All the most wonderful and best for 2010!! Love, Silke

P.S. My nephews adored the paintings you did for them as did my sister!! Thank you so much!!!

Jaime said...

Wow that's insane- ahh you are so brave! I love food and am quite a foodie, but I draw the line @ eel. lol :)

cindy said...

i've never heard of such a tradition. it looks pretty cool. happy new year, again ;)!

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Char, sounds like a wonderful tradition and so yummy! Have a wonderful time and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.
Hugs to you!

Char said...

eek!! eels freak me out - they're so odd looking to me. I've never had any before.

novadesigns said...

I love that photo! I don't think I've ever had smoked eel... we eat a lot of weird fish things in sweden though... like Surstromming, which is basically rotten herring... yummy ha ha

DesBisoux said...

wow! the picture is fabulous!!! i've never tasted eels but i love smoked fish...so why not!!
if you're not around before Hogmanay...then happy new year!!!

Birgit said...

love the picture. I'm a vegetarian haha but still this photograph is great.

x Birgit

Leigh said...

Something I have not tried, but I bet it is delicious!!

Happy New Year :)

abigail said...

we lived in Germany a few years ago and when Christmas came around when to the Christmas markets in town. I only vaguely remember the markets, but I will never forget the smoked mackerel on a stick I got from a food vendor there. It was incredible.
I'm jealous of your smoked fish and think i will ask for a smoker for my birthday!

Anonymous said...

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Happy New Year!!

manuel nieto said...

feliz 2010 ,saludos

Flor Larios Art said...

Happy New Year!
Wishing you the BEST!

Annika said...

Happy New Year lovely ladies! May all your dreams come true! Hugs, Annika

sasa said...



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