Saturday, January 30, 2010

1 HOUR drawing...

OH...yes...these are well worn...they're my favourite Ballet Flats and were a wonderful gift from my sister in-law 3 years ago at Xmas.
They'll be in my SHOP tonight...after Dinner.
They're Flats by Freed of London who make classic ballet and dance shoes but also full leather sole ballet flats...even if you're not a dancer.
I have 30 minutes before our guests arrive...I'm making a semi vegetarian dinner as one of our guest is a'm making my roast veggie lasagne and a salad with avacado,brie and tomaties with a raspberry dressing...hope they like it...
The non-veggies are having parma ham with their salad and shrimp with the lasagne...everyone is SO full by the time it comes to we're having sorbet.
I'll be back visit you all and to show you what February will be like....VERY excited...hoping I have the energy to do everything I plan to...check back tomorrow for an update.
I better go...
Have a good evening.
THANK you by the way for visiting me and for leaving such encouraging and sweet're the BEST!

Hasta manana!!!


Annette Q said...

Hi! Just been catching up with your latest posts and I love your drawings of shoes, theyve got so much character! Nice work :-)

julie king said...

did someone say mango sorbet? yum! your dinner sounds delish and i seriously can't believe you did this sketch in 30 minutes. you are tres talented, my friend!


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