Monday, January 18, 2010

Helping out...

I have set up my new Etsy Store...please visit it and tell me what you think!
There I am adding the shoes I draw/paint/sketch daily...and selling them in hopes of giving 50% of the proceeds to help survivours in HAITI...
Prices will vary depending on medium and how long they took to sketch.

Can you spread the word? Blog about "Char's ART for Haiti" ?
I would appreciate any help we can heart goes out to all the people in need out there...but at the moment Haiti needs us.

I will post the NEW Shoes on our Blog before adding them to my Shop...this way all of you fabulous readers get first dibs on them!

The money raised will be donated to "Doctors without Boarders" can read a little more about them HERE.

Thanks for visiting again...don't forget to go to my new Etsy Store.



Char said...

what a wonderful and generous thing to do!

Kelly Berkey said...

What a sweet thing to do, and your shoes are adorable. I'll try to post it on my blog this week. Good luck dear!

amy and ann said...

What a great thing. It is so so sad.


Kris said...

GREAT IDEA! I just set up an etsy shop. I'll have to tweak it like you did with this donation!

Kris said...

ps I have a giveaway on my blog. stop by if you can!

Joyce said...

A very wonderful idea. My heart goes out to our friends in Haiti. We have made a couple donations already. One was through my husband's company. They match dollar to dollar. It warms my heart to see so many around the world coming together to lend a hand. Thank you! xo

cindy said...

this project is really great! you are a good heart to donate a portion of the proceeds from your shop to benefit haiti. shoes seem so appropriate because of the challenges they're having with transportation as a result of the roads being so damaged. xo, c


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