Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's shoes...for Haiti.

we hope you had a great weekend...ours up here in Canada was remarkably warm for January...which was lovely, but we really need a little bit more snow for better ski conditions and also the ice-rink is melting a we haven't been skating. We did however have YUMMY Sushi takeout last night with friends...which WAS SO deeeelicious...I could eat it every day. There's just something about feels like it's good for you and you never feel TOO full.
I did also pick up "The Creative License" by Danny Gregory from my bookshelf and flicked through a few pages...I love his work...and his whole story to how he came about drawing again. His work is so about the "now" and recording anything and everything around him.
SO...I have made myself a NEW many illustrations as I do...or animals I draw...they're not studies from Life...and because I am constantly here there and everywhere with the girls...I rarely can sit at a cafe,bar, park for longer than 10 minutes without one of our darlings wanting something...and that means I have now left "MY" practice and time for my artwork studies.
SO...I am going to enlighten (said with a chuckle) you ALL with MY ENTIRE SHOE COLLECTION!!! you`ll see...I am a FAN...of shoes and boots!

Haha...and THESE...RED SHOES are my first pair.
I started off with a Pen line drawing...there will be NO erasers here...I need to see faults and correct them if there are some.
I then used my colouring's been a while. It took approximately 1 hour to complete.
These are one of my fave pairs of shoes...I think you'll enjoy this'll be a surprise every day...and oh my, I have some shoes and boots for YOU to see...heehee...

It'll be self reflective along with challenging and rewarding.
I am planning on selling the sketches/drawings or paintings in an Esty Store(still in progress) and donating a portion of the sales to Haiti.

Are there any new projects you're up to?

I will now try and get around to seeing what you've been up to, I promise...this weekend has just whisked me away from the computer...and my projects.
Until tomorrow's Shoes!!!

Oh...I of course forgot my camera on Friday eve when Mr. R was awesome.MANY friends came out to support him. He's very talented...and dedicated to his passion towards music.


Char said...

i'm still trudging along with my art journal! lol it's kinda sad how badly i draw

juanitatortilla said...

Wow. 1- those are gorgeous shoes, 2- that is a great drawing!
Wonder what will be the next?!I like the idea of your challenge.

Micki said...

What a great idea, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your shoes ;)

Micki x

shoes online said...

fantastic shoes i like it very much thanks for sharing this idea with us.

Tabiboo said...

I love, love, love those red shoes - they are absolutely fabulous. Then again I do have a thing for red!!

take care and have a wonderful day,

Nina x

ps. fingers crossed for more skiing snow.

aimee said...

that is a super drawing and i wish i could buy those shoes directly from you!

Anonymous said...

I love the red high heel shoe drawing.. rich colouring...

and yes, our Canadian winter is warmer than it should be, EH!

I'm a new blogger...come visit my site for sketches, journaling, .... love your site girls...ciao.


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