Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday's Birks...ART for HAITI

it snowed again!
YAY...we were almost sad to see the grass...and fortunately the outside temperature is still pretty mild...(for January that is!)
This morning I drew my favourite summer sandals (a quick 20 minute study)...some people across the World wear theirs ALL year round...with socks...I can't do that, it reminds me of when I lived in Mallorca,Spain and I'd be working in a resort area in the Winter months and certain Nationalities were in shorts and thier Birks with socks.
My dear sister bought me these (we have the same size shoe) about 6 years ago...LOVE them...

Worked on lots for our Mamas and Chicks Show last night...our next Show is April 16th...busy busy getting vendors and everything prepped regarding advertising etc.
AND been working on a LONG overdue Once Upon a Time painting which Jen won in Dec...I Know...but it's a very special one...and I had to watch the movie first...I'll post about it later today!

What have you been up to?

Oh Oh...look at the time...I have to go...the Gym is calling my name and then I'm volunteering up at Little Miss A's School...I love going in and seeing the dynamics of their classroom.

Gotta go...gotta go...
Birks drawing will be up on my Etsy later.



Victoria Stitch said...

ooh i like your drawing, especially the way you've done the texture of the cork bit!

Char said...

this is turning out to be an adorable series. great work.

Elise said...

love your drawing - soooo clever

Joyce said...

great illustration. makes me want to take a long walk, if only it was warm outside. xo

pixelhazard said...

I love drawing random objects that happen to be in front of me. Unfortunately in lecture halls much time was wasted with me drawing and people in the row behind me watching me draw, lol.

Great work and those are some comfy looking shoes

Mery said...

awesome drawing! love your blog :)


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