Saturday, February 6, 2010

I know it's been an age...

Since I last posted time has flown.. in fact it was pre-christmas and whilst I have been totally useless as usual, Char you have been as prolific as ever and I am totally impressed. The alphabet animals are brilliant, a really lovely task even if it is proving to be tricky for you! Have you ever seen Alison Jay's alphabet and number books, they are similar in that they have illustrations of different things beginning with the letter in the image but the illustrations are very different to yours, mostly with a crackle glaze over them. Anyway worth checking out!

So since I saw you at christmas and our little ones played so nicely...

My little Beth has turned one. The cake wasn't a total success as my vision of a butterfly was confused for a fish by some... still smarties and chocolate buttons made sure the children were happy! She had such a lovely day and seeing your post earlier Char of  'Children are miraculous' by Sark really was spot on to how I feel! Time has flown by and the little bundle has turned into a giggling happy little Miss pottering around at speed, opening every cupboard and hiding behind the curtains with glee. A Joy to have around!
My work has finished for a little while, the book about war that I was doing the picture research for turned out to be very interesting, more so as I wasn't expecting it to be as it's not a topic I would have chosen. The little illustrations I did for a friends book about the freckle fairy have now been made into books by them and I am waiting to see the results. Here is one of the Freckle Fairies I did for you to see... I hope I post a little more frequently this year as I'm not so crazily busy at the moment till the next project arrives anyway! We'll see - I have good intentions!!
Tam, UK


Daniel said...

These freckled fairies are great! What personalities! (I just finished rereading "Peter Pan" and am reading the only official sequel to it "Peter Pan in Scarlet" and I think your illustrations would be wonderful additions to either or both!)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said... lovely to be surprised by your post...I LOVE the picture of the kids all together and little Beth...ONE...can you believe it!!!
Her Birthday cake is so precious...she'll treasure the pictures.AND I adore your freckled fairy...well done Tam for finishing.
HUGS my dear friend. I would LOVE if you post more often...YAY!

Dean Grey said...


Your children are CUTE!

And that butterfly cake! Oh my, that is a custom cake if I ever saw one! I love the unique, non-traditional shape!


Luna said...

So cute fairys, I likte them!
Good work!


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