Saturday, February 13, 2010

pages from my sketchbook

late last night...after I had finished the Bright Star sketch...I opened up my green Moleskine again...
seeked out Frida...I have always been fascinated with this I think many artists are.
She was a beautiful,talented and very troubled lady...but she spoke what she believed. I admire this...
I know this sketch is a little off...her nose is all wrong...I blame it on the crazy hour of the night I quickly sketched it...I think it was 12.20AM...yeah...I wouldn't consider myself to be a night owl...but my Life right now  means I have to be one....if not I'd have nothing to post...and this blog wouldn't exist from this side of the Atlantic anyway.
My second sketch was of Frida painting...I decided to NOT use pencil first...I have to work on hands...I know I've said this before. I like this...she was a stunning lady.
Meet Edmund....he's a work in progress...he'll have a friend soon...her name will be revieled soon.
He's concerned about the Earth, and is studious...he loves to travel...he could change the World...just wait and see!
I can't give too much away as this is a book I'm illustrating for a good friend who has written SUCH a wonderful story...but I will show you little snippets along the way.

WHAT are you up to today? HOW are you decorating your place sweetly?

Off to make some HEART garlands...I'll be back...later...



Huset på Planen said...

Thank you so much for nice comments on my blog! Do the googletranslater work?

I will sure come back here when I have time - I'm spending the weekend in our cabin in the Norwegian mountain. Have a nice weekend.

Georgina said...

Love these sketches. I visited Frida's house many years ago while in Mexico City...what a great a wonderful environment she created.

As for me, I'm not doing any decorating today, but going out with a very old friend for lunch an do some looky-looing in the little shops that surround the restaurant we're eating at for lunch. Luckily, we have gorgeous weather right now in far West TX, so will be eating outside on their patio.

Have a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day. Peace out.

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Yes, Frida was quite a lady!
Your sketches make me want to start drawing, thanks!

Anonymous said...

i do that too...sketch at night when I should probably be sleeping!
that's how we artist types are though, when we are moved and motivated to create, we don't let ourselves be governed by the time!

i love your're free and it comes through...
well done
thanks for sharing

ciao bella

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Char,
Love your sketches. Wow, I'm obsessed with Frida! What a wonderful artist to inspire us!
No decorating for this girl, I'm embarrassed to admit my fake little Christmas tree still hasn't been put away...wasn't Christmas just last week? I have to get that done this weekend, no more excuses!


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