Monday, February 1, 2010

Scandinavian STYLE...

these are a little bit of me...who I am...raised by 2 incredible people,my Mum...born in Sweden and my Dad who was born in Danemark.
As soon as we could walk...we were in clogs...they were our outdoor shoes...easy to slide on and off...I guess it helped my parents always know where we were too, they're kind of loud.
I went through a period in my Life not really knowing who I parents were Scandinavian...I was brought up in England...with traditions so foreign to all my friends.
I loved our by the time I was 16...I was anyone who asked. We spent Summers there since we were small...I adored my Grandparents...the food they cooked...the parks they took us too....the neighbourhoods felt SO right in Danemark. The people SO friendly.The language so natural. A proud Scandinavian...
It felt good to have this upbringing...and I hope our daughters will feel SOME of what I learnt from my Scandi roots....the food, the traditions...our values towards many situations. More than ever I find myself explaining things to our 5 year old. Stopping her in her path...battles which I hope she'll appreciate when she's older.
Some days as a Mum, staying at home, can be tough and challenging...but I wouldn't change it for the World and I am SO very blessed to be fortunate enough to raise our kids and be home with them.

When my parents were last in Danemark, I asked them to pick up a pair of Sanita's for me...I love them...they're a little noisy when walking around our quiet naighbourhood...who cares though? Not me ... 20 minute sketch...which I wanted to try to keep that "free" feel to them...because the years when I wore clogs the most were in my early 20's...and I felt free and travelled like a bird...good memories!

Do you have certain Shoes which bring back memories?

Have a good
It's been a productive one.
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pve design said...

Yes, I had blue suede clogs in college and loved them.
I think most girls wore candies high heels, but I am tall so clogs work well for me. I still love them!
Great illustrations.

andrea creates said...

I have lots of shoes from a long time ago so they always bring back memories...Shoes I got in France,when we lived there especially.
I love clogs , and have an open back pair of Sanita's that have seen better days, but they're so comfy I can't part with them.
And of course a closed back pair of Danskos.Love them more than any shoes I have :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

what an awesome blog. I love clogs and have two pair of decorative wooden clogs in my studio. One is tiny.


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