Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In MY head LIST.

it's Tuesday...I missed 3 whole days of blogging...so let me tell you why...and how I will make it up to you...especially our loyal readers and Sponsors.
As you can see...from the sketch, we all have to eat to survive...so I still have to feed our family.

Yes, Family is the most important to me right now...and still worry that Dad is doing too much after his OP...and Mum is not resting her leg as she should (soon to go in for a hip transplant- and is waiting patiently for a date)

I have TAXES to do...endless paperwork at a time when they need to be done...but at the wrong time of year for me...because...

OUR Mamas and Chicks Show is less than 2 1/2 weeks away!
These days have been spent corresponding with vendors...we have a total of 55 vendors at the moment...all so lovely, but they(and have every right to) have questions about the Show.

We're planning on going to Disney...and this is in the very near future...another post about this, but I am trying to rack my brain about how to raise some $$$ to pay for this crazy trip...SO...My CONCLUSION is to sell some "Original Once Upon a Time watercolours"...there will be a Special starting in April...and it will run for one week...so keep an eye out.(you'll be the first to know!)

Then there's the House, the windows need cleaning, Laundry needs washing,floors need scrubbing...and I only have SO many hours in the day...

WHY am I blogging when I could be doing?
Because I know you'll listen...THANK YOU!!!

AND...because you always DO listen...
Here's SOMETHING for you::
you'll notice I haven't posted about my Sponsors so much...or about April Sponsors...well a couple of you so kindly have signed up for a few months...and if so...I am adding an EXTRA one for you free of Charge.
AND for those who have Sponsored this month...I am leaving you ALL up for APRIL.
For NEW potential Sponsors...get in on the deal and email me. Sign up for MAY and you'll get APRIL FREE.
EMAIL ME HERE for more info.

Have a wonderful Tuesday...
Excuse me for not visiting your blog...things will be back to normal when some of my HEAD LIST have been checked off!



Anonymous said...

That head sketch 'drew' me to your site right away! It's great! well done, and you do sound terribly busy, but i'm glad you have your priorities in order,

blog first about it, because, yes we will be here to listen!

have a great day....

ciao bella

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tabiboo said...

A wonderful Tuesday to you too though ours has almost ended.

I hope things calm soon though you are so right family does come first - darn that paperwork!

take care,

Nina x

Jen said...

Take your time and keep family first in your life! Disney is just what you need. I love going to Disneyland and Disney World and watching my children light up with joy. It makes all these long, messy, hard days worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

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