Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stormy Saturday...

it's storming outside...wind and rain...but I thought I'd show you the little Silver Unicorn which is being given to our Niece who turns 5 today.
She's such an adorable girl...and looks very similar to our Little Miss A and Miss J...they could all be sisters. We see her not as often as we would like and hope this painting will remind her that we're here if she ever needs to be with her cousins, Auntie and Uncle.

Another Storm is one which is happening in my mind today...I know every one has heard about 2012 but today I learnt about Planet X...and the 2 Suns.
I don't like to worry...but would like to know WHAT will happen?
Anyway...this is just a passing thought...I have to worry about our well-being at the moment.

What has been on your mind recently?

Have a wonderful weekend.


Silke said...

Oh, Char, the unicorn and your niece are beautiful! She is going to love it!! What a wonderful present for a little girl.

As to End of the World scenarios, I don't worry about those, just hope it will be quick if it happens. Personally, I don't believe 2012 will be the end. I worry much more about silly little things in my life. Actually, I think most worry is a waste of precious time and energy.

So love coming here to visit!! Love, Silke

Kelly Berkey said...

hi char! what a wonderful sweet piece!

as to your question on the charms...they are water resistant but not water proof. i did seal them with wax. my friends hubby has one and he showers with it on for months now and it's fine...but still i wouldn't recommend it!

hugs, kelly

Kelly Berkey said...

Oh, as to your question, i watched all kinds of programs about 2012 and the end on discovery to the point i couldn't sleep! now i almost never watch tv anymore, don't listen to the radio or read the paper! i'm happier because of it. i can't change those things...too big for me!

now i worry about food. i worry about our farming practices and how we treat our animals and how their meat and milk no longer nourish our bodies because of how they are treated.

so i preach eating whole food, organic, sustainable farming, ect...until everyone's eyes gloss over. then they pick up their diet pops and eat mcdonals for lunch and i feel defeated...but this passion i will not give up on...i've converted a few people who i love and if that is all that comes from my passion then that's good enough. we can only make small changes in this world.

and i agree with silke, hope if it happens it happens quickly!

ColeAndJosephine said...

What a sweet gift. I can't think of a single little girl that wouldn't adore this!

sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes, your blog is just soooo wonderful and gives me a lot of energy!

A footprint from Sweden by Agneta

aimee said...

hi char! oh, don't fret, just take a ride on that lovely horsey and all will be well. hoping the grey skies lift for you soon - i know we're all sick of them!

Char said...

i always think of the promise of the 'coming as a thief in the night' so i don't know if anyone could really predict the end of the world.

beautiful painting

Tam Hess said...

The painting is darling! The little girl looks so peaceful nestled on the unicorns back.

My passion is animal activism. I usually focus my energies on those efforts. I do belong to OSPIRG and Environmental Oregon. Change is good!


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