Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Mr. R took me skiing for the afternoon, it was 9 degrees. I don't think I have EVER skiied in such warm weather...I arranged sitters for both the girls and we arrived home at 7.40pm...put the girls to bed, got dressed to go for a walk and walked an hour with neighbours...thanks friendly neighbours!!!  There are about 6 of us who walk...this way someone will be able to pair up and walk,no excuses!

AND now...go an grab a Chai Latte...or something warm...

Here's to thanking our Sponsors::

I`ll be mentioning our Sponsors daily and linking their Stores and Blogs. Also if they`ve been interviewed for our Tell ALL Tuesdays...
Did you make that Tea/Coffee?
Have fun browsing through their creations.
I'll be back tomorrow.



Jaime said...

Oh I must check them out :) Have a lovely afternoon!

Kelly Berkey said...

hi pretty lady,
i'm so excited for you to have sponsors! that is wonderful!! i'm sick at home today but celebrating the fact that i've made 5 sales in my little etsy shop this week...that's a record for me!!
hopefully some day i will be one of your sponsors also! just building up my inventory first!
hugs to you,


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