Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Capturing memories...occupying time.

Oh my, how sister had So much patience back when she was younger. I have tried to build a card house recently with our girls and can it be done? Nope...I think our cards were too new...these were my grandparents cards...I love this photo.
I remember not only building things with them and playing card games...but also using the Queen,Kings and Jacks asthough they were dolls.
We'd play for hours...with the simplest of things.

Do you remember what occupied your time as a child?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Jen said...

That picture is fantastic! My sisters and I would use huge cardboard boxes and build deluxe playhouses out of them (even though we had a really nice REAL one in the backyard). I love kids and their imaginations!!!

Tabiboo said...

It's the simply the old photo.

Nina xxx

Char said...

wow - my card houses were never that tall. what a great job.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Just brilliant! That patience is very impressive!! We used to play outside with making 'cheesecake'mud pies and playing shops with leaves and berries and things we found in the garden. I do remember making bows and arrows with twigs and baler twine too... my childhood was a lot of time outside! Tam xxx

cindy said...

such a wonderful photo and a brilliant house of cards. yes, patience and care were essential for that one, which you probably built more than once.

we were very creative growing up with all types of crafts and made up games.

PROVINS said...

Wow amazing!! You guys had skills!! And patience :-)


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