Wednesday, April 28, 2010


SUN BLOCK...check
COMFY shoes...check
SWIM suits...check...
We're off for a couple of weeks...Tam will have to keep you posted with updates from the UK whilst we head SOUTH...(thanks Tam)
Our girls can't wait to see Minnie and Mickey, Winnie and Piglet...Daisy and's been 30 years since I was there...I'm sure it's changed
DISNEY here we come.
ANY TIPS?? I would greatly appreciate them *smile*
I'll update sometime during the holiday.
I am SO excited! It's been a LONG time planning this trip.

BUT...we have a couple of days until we leave...and I still have a few brilliant vendors who we just love to mention from our Show.

A good friend, a Scandinavian from Finland, and Etsy vendor...and an ever faithful vendor at our Mamas and Chicks Shows.
Sarah from Lyyli makes custom T-shirts, Pajamas, dresses and even clothes for can visit her at HERE

The girls adore her bright and because they're makes them ALL the more special.
Another great reason to personalize fights over who's is who' our girls grow, they're begining to be very similar sizes...their feet are the same size all ready...HOW CAN THAT BE? personalizing with Lyyli...eliminates ALL issues between our girls in that catagory!

I have many others who will be getting a mention over the next couple of days...

I look forward to reading all your DISNEY tips!



Love that 'A'

amy and ann said...

Hi Char - I have been absent as well. Have a fabulous trip!!!!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks Ann...sometimes family and work are priorities...

Char said...

what adorable dresses!!! so cute

have fun!

Lali said...

I wish you a wonderfull trip, enjoy!

Dean Grey said...


Enjoy your vacation and be sure to take plenty of pics!



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