Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are a HAPPY Family...they arrived!

SO excited...have you seen these?
I ordered them over a month ago, but because of the Volcanic Dust cloud...shipping was slow....but WELL worth the wait!
and check out the AWESOME artists listed below who collaborated in this project!
I do believe this is a Pack of Cards which will end up being sold in Museums, HUGE book stores and maybe even one day we'll see an exhibition from these artists ALL together...oh, such greatness!

The Artists ARE:Thereza Rowe
Sarajo Frieden
Lotte Andkilde
Lady Desidia
Alexandra Hedberg
Aris Moore 
Kimberly Laurenti
Box layout designed by
Jorge Fernández

HUGS to you all...I'm off to admire my playing cards!


Kolleen said...

Char....these are soooooooo wonderful!!!!


thank you for sharing and i couldn't agree more that they are going to end up selling so many places and touching so many families!!!

thank you so much for sharing!!
now...off to check out these fabulous artists!!


Franchesca said...

love them!!! thanks for sharing!!! will check out these artists

janil said...

Yeah!!!!I have just bought mines! They are lovely!!!

estibalizhm said...

Thanks Char! I couldn't appreciatte you posting this more deeply. I am touched by your words. I can only hope people like and bond worldwide by playing with these cards. we really have made them with love.
Thanks again!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

thank you for posting about our cards!

I'm so happy with the outcome - and hoping that Esti who had this wonderful idea (and lead the project as well as participated) will invite me to participate in something similar soon!


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