Wednesday, May 26, 2010

beautiful butterfly

Good EVENING , I hope you're well...little Miss J is now down with a fever...hopefully her little Angel will help her during the night and make her feel better.
ON another note:
all this term little Miss A has been learning about bugs in her weekly Science class and 3D shapes.
Last week her homework was to create and make a 3D bug...she ofcourse chose a Butterfly.
We rummaged around in cupboards and craft drawers for materials...she needed a little help sewing the head,thorax and abdomine together...but other than a little instruction...she created her own butterfly.
I helped little Miss J make was fun.
Little Miss A is feeling better...can you tell. WOW is she ever a different girl when she's sick. I missed her smiles.

Have a great evening...I have a couple of birthday Once Upon a Time's to finish this evening.

I may not get a chance to post tomorrow...we're heading don to Toronto with all our Ballet girls. We've been invited to tour the National Ballet of Canada's rehearsal rooms and shoe and costume rooms...the girls are excited.
Hopefully I'll get some great pictures if they'll allow me!

Ciao ciao..


rachel awes said...

i see
beautiful beings
in these photos
with wings.

herzensart said...

this is an amazing butterfly and I love to see her beeing so proud of her creation. Beautiful pics!

Giovanna ♥ said...

Oh this is so cute!! I love the amazing butterfly! She's such a cutie!

andrea creates said...

Beautiful butterfly :)
The ballet visit sounds so fun!
Take care,

Kickcan and Conkers said...

fantastic butterfly and photos - oh, the joy and happiness of creativity!

lillalotta said...

beautiful photos!
So much joy!

Elisabelle said...

so sweet!!!

cindy said...

hope little miss j is better by now and love little miss a's butterfly. the photos are wonderful, too. have fun at the ballet, which sounds like heaven. enjoy your weekend!


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