Monday, May 24, 2010


we don't get together often...but enjoy our time when we do...that's Cousin Ulla in the middle holding little Ludwig and Cousin Lars(her brother) on the end in the blue...
Mr R and little Ludwig...the Happiest baby you've ever met...he's adorable!
after filling our bellies with a yummy BBQ...we all went for a walk..or took the little ones for a walk...
I adore this photo of Uncle Lars and our girls...
this was neat...I'm sure it was built in the 60' looks like a Mushroom and has a hole in the centre. The acoustics are amazing, we had so much fun stamping feet,screaming,chanting and clapping under it.
Hopefully we'll see Uncle Lars again soon...and wish Auntie Ulla, Kristian and little Ludwig a wonderful and safe trip back.
this afternoon we're heading over to friends to celebrate little G's 7th Birthday...he's a HUGE fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey I painted a custom Once Upon a Time for him.

Have a lovely Monday!

and OH...I nearly forgot...
I have a B.O.G.O offer on my Esty Store prints until the end of May.
(if you don't see one of my prints maybe because it's not been listed or has expired...just email me and I can re-list it)

Until tomorrow


Kolleen said...

what wonderful photos Char!!!!!

it looks like you all had such a magical time....lots and lots of happiness shine through those pictures!!

Little G is going to FLIP over the custom piece you made for him....WOW!!!! love it!!!

happy monday to you!!

Tabiboo said...

Hi Char,

so sorry it's been a while - we have sooooo much going on at the moment family wise.

Just wanted to pop by and say 'hi' and I hope all is well with you guys? Your weekend loks like it was fun packed all round.

take care and much love,

Nina xxxx

Lori said...

Great photos! The kiddos are adorable. The sketch is amazing. Lucky boy.

Annette Q said...

Oh what great photos! Look like a really lovely day! Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

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