Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy days


My crazy little world is blessed with these smiling bumpkins to bring joy to my life. Most days they make me laugh with their funny little comments... Such as telling the new teacher 'je t'aime' her reply 'that's nice!?' and the old teacher that he loves her 51 but loves Mummy 62 and 500! How nice to have such a simple world, one where when the sun shines everyone is happy. They spin round me, climbing all over me whilst I am on the phone, laughing, being cheeky to each other, enjoying being children. At times it feels as if I don't really want them on my back whilst I am trying to converse, but then the reality that they won't be this free for long, and my call this time really isn't an important one (My mum's daily chat, as much to hear them chuckling away as to speak to me!) so perhaps I should just let them run around me laughing?! 

During the day (at night Daddy makes four) we are three musketeers, I am their ringleader although I can see a power struggle coming as the little man tells me "Right time to brush my teeth then you can read me a story!" OH is it indeed! Who is the boss round here little monkey?! There are many other parts of my life and I'm sure yours that are drudgery, and not so much fun, but isn't it great to take the smallest bit and remember in the grey times those sunny days and smiles. 

Another sweet Jackism... as the For Sale board went up outside our house recently... (he's not happy about this and doesn't want to leave his school, friends, our village as we are very settled here) "Mummy I don't want a For Sale sign, can't you call the man and get a For Stay one put up?" Every morning since, I get the update that the For Sale sign is still there! As I imagine with the current housing market it will be up there a while, he will get used to it I know, but how sweet that in his head it just makes sense that a For Stay sign would exist, innocence is a wonderful thing.


amy and ann said...

Happy Mothers day Girls!

xo - ann

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks Ann! xx

Lauralee said...

A sweet story

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, I know what you mean adore these moments as we all know they won't last.
Love the Jackism....cute!
Good luck with the House Sale...hope the House Angel helps you out!
Ann, thanks for the Mother's Day wishes!


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