Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAGIC tips

2 weeks ago we went with our girls to Walt Disney world in Orlando...this has been a trip which we have been planning for a LONG time. We had lots of help along the way, which if you're first time Disney trippers...then I feel it's important not to go there clueless...but with a little knowledge under your belt.
So...let me share some of the tips we got as a family with 2 girls age (almost) 6 & 4.
TIP #1 : Get to the park early-it's a huge place, not everyone can get on ALL the rides at once, so you're bound to be able to get a few rides in in the first hour without waiting.

TIP #2 : When you're bringing little children and you're walking through crowds like these...make sure you either bring your own or rent a stroller.
We rented with Magic Strollers. They deliver to your hotel, and pick it up the day of departure.
A blessing.
TIP #3 : This is something we did one of the days but would probably take advantage of more if we go again.
You can reserve sit-down meals at the Disney restaurants upto 180 days prior to your trip.
Any of the restaurants which serve breakfast usually open an hour earlier than the Park does, which means you can enter the park an hour earlier!!! Have and get Fast Passes for the rides you really want to get on without wishing to wait an hour to an hour and a half in a line up...we did this on the final day and went to Animal Kingdom and had breakfast at 8am...Animal Kingdom opened at 9am.
TIP #4 : We went when the Flowers Festival was on. The gardens were immaculate, don't forget to take in the's truly magical.
TIP #5 : Get up and boogie with the Parade which happens 3 times a day. That's one memory our eldest will never forget!
TIP #6 : Dine with the Characters so you don't have to wait in Line for 45 minutes...they come to your table. Here's our little Misses with Piglet at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom just by Cinderella's Castle.
Tip #7 : So frequently I would forget to look up or look at the Architecture of the buildings...the whole Park is comprised of beautifully built buildings...which really are just exterior shells to house the rides...SO clever.
TIP #8 : You can now bring your own snacks and water into the Disney Parks, I highly recommend it. Especially water. We spent $30 on water alone one day...(I know!)
TIP #9 : Magic Kingdom is a Park for families...some rides are VERY cheesy, please remember your pinch of salt as you embark on LOVE them as they are SO innocent.
TIP #9 : When you find a ride where there's NO line up...go on it! It's rare that you never have to wait...even in the off Seasons.
This was one of their favourite rides as they got to ride it over and over!
Another of their favourites was Alladin's Carpet.
and Dumbo's ride too....but the line up was awful...a good 45 minutes- grab an ice-cream and eat it in the Line-up!
precious smiles...
TIP #10 : Fast Passes give you an hour window when you can come back and use them, many people don't know that you can still use that Fast Pass when the time has expired...AND  you can get another Fast Pass as soon as this time passes EVEN if you haven't used the first Fast Pass.
Had to include Mini Mouse's House in the mix...SO adorable!
Here's her Kitchen...
and outside in her pretty.
TIP #11 : You can eat with Cinderella in her Castle...but you can also dine in Norway at Epcot with 4 of the Princesses...
This is the Mosaic on the walls as you walk through the Castle.
I'm sure if and when we go back to pictures will be different as I have yet to see everything. We were at Magic for 2 whole days and could have spent another 2 there!
truly amazing work!
This is Liberty Square...Harbour House is a great little spot for some excellent Fish and Chips! Just around the corner from the Haunted House, which we didn't go through. I would still like my nights to be quiet ones where our girls have sweet dreams.
We went on the Astro Orbitor and the girls loved it...not scary at all, just beautiful views.
I'm sure my husband was a bird in his past life...
The end of the day is Celebrated with a beautiful fireworks display...
I'll answer any questions I can about Magic Kingdom...
Epcot is next...



Char said...

great tips as my brother is taking my nieces there in August.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Such a special place!
It's good to chat to anyone who's been as it can be overwhelming.

Riceball Mommy said...

We were just there last week ourselves. We also ate at the Crystal Palace and went on a few of the same rides. My daughter was sick though, so it wasn't as fun as it could have been.
I think your tips are great though and I really agree.
Also I have to say it's good that you saw Minnie's house this time, they're going to be closing down the whole Toontown fair soon, as part of the re-do of Fantasyland.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I agree, Toonland does need a little bit of a re-vamp!
Hope your daughter is feeling better.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I still love Disneyworld! My mom took us around every 2-3 years when we were younger....great photos!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks Jaime!
I know why now people go so frequently!

andrea said...

Hi Char-
You won my giveaway!!
Congrats-I will be emailing you soon :)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Yahoo...thanks Andrea...must be my lucky day.

Kelly Berkey said...

Char your girl are more and more adorable every day! Fun, fun, fun!


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