Thursday, June 17, 2010

all choked up

today was a special day...(here's the painting I made for Little Miss A's teacher thanking for such an amazing year)
our little Miss A graduated from Kindergarten...
and thankfully she'll be moving up into Grade 1 with her best buddie...Little miss O.
I am so proud of her...and am SO shocked at how quickly these 6 years have past.
I am also quite choked up...does it get any easier? Accepting that your little ones are forever getting older?
Her smile fills my heart...thank you little Miss A for you are our pride and joy. Keep smiling those beautiful smiles...they will get you far in Life!!

Have a lovely evening fabulous readers and thanks for stopping by...check back tomorrow...I have a game to play with you.


Char said...

love how they do the pictures like that - how wonderful for the little ones

Deanna said...

It does not get any easier. My 'baby' just graduated from high school. He was the youngest of three and is now technically an adult as he just turned 18. The years fly by and go faster with each passing year.

Enjoy all the little stepping stones in between. :)

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Had a comment prepared, but Deanna said it all ;-) My oldest daughter will be graduating next year too, and just thinking about it makes me all choked up LOL But I am also proud when I see that complete person we created !

ann said...

congratulations sweet A. Have a wonderful celebrations.


Tabiboo said...

Oh my. Now I'm all choked up with your words.

I'm afraid it doesn't get any easy, but you do get better at controlling those moments and just think of all the fun your going to have as she continues to grow.

take care,

Nina xx

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Congrats to her!

Thanks for your very sweet comment!! Happy weekend :)

Tammie said...

such a wonderful gift!

Kelly Berkey said...

So sweet. Your baby is just darling. Enjoy all the moments...they are precious.

Cara Carmina said...

Hello!!!! loved coming to your blog and see all the wonderful world... the girls are beautiful and I got hungry (I don´t know why though...) ;)

I would love to participate in you Tuesdays articles so let me know whatever you need... :)

I will add you to my facebook as we speak... would love to stay in touch!

Lovely illustrations btw... is such a original style! love them!!! I´m a fan of children illustrations... :)

sending your a big red bike full of racoons... (you never know when they might needed...)

:) chau!


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