Friday, June 4, 2010

illustration Friday

hello fabulous readers...I have to catch up on what you've been up to's been a crazy week of Birthdays. Yesterday Ashley was invited to another party...a very good school friend of hers had a pool party...I asked Olivia the other day what her favourite animal was...she said a dog.
she doesn't have a dog, but her uncle does...this is Boston.

he's a Boxer mix...I'm pleased with the composition of this one everything worked out and colour-wise too.
she's an adorable girl who we found out yesterday will be in the same class as little miss A next year too. Going from SK to Grade 1 can be a huge having a best buddie in the same class makes me feel better about it all.(I know I'm sure little miss A isn't concerned at all-but she did request to be with Olivia)
this is my illustration for Friday...

our school has a PA Day today...which means no school today.
we're off to the park, the ART store(to pick up a canvas for a commission) and Toy store to spend their Birthday money(given to them by their grandparents here).
The girls are SUPER excited to be able to choose their own gifts. This year they hardly received any toys (which wasn't a bad thing!) so they have a whole list of what they would like!

I may be going to the U.K. to help out with my Mum after her double hip operation in July...I'll keep you updated...I'll still be blogging...but probably won't be running my Esty if there are any prints you would like ...thinking ahead to Summer Birthdays...stock up now as the shop will probably be closed for 3 weeks in July. I may even think about a SPECIAL promo code JUST for all you FAB readers!!
Also...custom originals are really very reasonable in price...just email me for a list of prices. If you by more than one, the price drops considerably.

Have a FABULOUS Friday!


Flory said...

very nice...i'm your newest follower!
have a nice weekend!

cindy said...

you know it's hard to be so popular ;). love your painting and hope all will be well with your mom. enjoy your weekend, ladies!

Char said...

cute painting - I know they will love it.

and getting to visit with mom is always good - i know you will be a comfort to her in her recovery.

andrea creates said...

I love the colors ~it's so cute!!

SKIZO said...


aliceinparis said...

Just wanted to let you know that Artful Penpals Round 2 has started. You had mentioned last year that you were interested and to let you know when it happened again:) HAve a great weekend.
Cheers, Shelagh

Tam Hess said...

Thinking of your Mom, have a great visit! LOVE the dog and little girl. Checking in to see what you're up too. Loving your art!


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