Sunday, June 6, 2010

thanks to NATURE

after being inspired by GOOP's recipe I read yesterday...we're having shrimp tacos tonight.
Courgettes(zucchini),cherry tomatoes,garlic,baby bok choy, green peppers and shrimp- fry it all up with a handful of flat leaf parsley...and YUM...serve it with some soft tacos.
Such an easy and tasty dinner...the whole family enjoys!

aren't the colours nature gives us remarkable? and the flavours are incredible too!

Thank you are SO wonderful!

What has Nature given YOU today??

Char, ON


Lori said...

Makes my stomach growl and the saliva drippage to commence. :)

Carly Foster said...

I signed up for GOOP's newsletter thanks to you! Appreciate the link ;)

We bought our first strawberries of the season at the farmers' market today. We'll go every Sunday until October to support our local farmers and enjoy what nature gives us!

Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm shrimp tacos...

i am afraid it will be a very long time before i have fresh gulf shrimp again.

yours look delish

Becks said...

I just had shimp tacos today. SO GOOD!

I like that yours has so many fresh veggies in it.

Pilli Pilli said...

Sounds wonderful! Very wonderful! If I wasn't on the wrong side of the ocean, I would invite myself for diner at your house! But then again, I had shrimp too today. Shrimp Salad though. Yours sounds better... :o)

And today we thank nature for the summer. It finally feels like Italy. 34° in the shade, even late in the afternoon. And a hot breeze
blowing in from over the lake, bringing no relieve. I love that.

And thank you for that shrimp recipee! We'll have to try that!


Anonymous said...

Hummm...that looks amazing!

Kelly Berkey said...

Yummy, that's my kind of food! The more colorful the better!

ann said...

love the addition of the bok choy! How fun. We love our shrimp taco over here! Sadly while the shrimp last!

have a great week ! ann

Karena said...

Mmmmm summer delicousness!!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

Nature is making me happy with all the good things to eat, and the glorious temps!


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