Friday, July 30, 2010

GUESS what I forgot...

  after a frantic hour and a half the other day of searching through ALL our bags and clothes...I still couldn't find it.
I forgot my SD CARD in England which I had loaded with pics and edited them all ready for posting...can you believe it?
I just called Dad this morning and he confirmed that it was there, still sitting in the docking station of their lap-top.

Where is my head?

On another note I am going to show you a couple of sneak peaks from the book I am working on with Shelly.
I really didn't have as much energy as I had hoped to work in the evenings over in the UK on the was more exhausting than I imagined...but great to be there through my Mama's operation and see her recovering SO well.

Thank you ALL for the wonderful support and kind words and well wishes for really are SUCH an important part of my Life...the encouragement and energies are bountiful and I am SO THANKFUL...

We're back in Canada and enjoying the HEAT...friends who I haven't seen for a while, and the girls are so happy to see their buddies.

Trips to my homeland are always wonderful...and I will miss my dear family and friends who I saw...but here is my home and it is a delight to be close to my Soulmate,my husband...Mr.R.
Today is a THANKFUL day...
thanks for passing by...I will be by to say hello to you all later.
OH, and THANKful...SO THANKful for this marvelous internet connection I am fortunate to have here.



blue china studio said...

What great illustrations. It must be very fun to work on a book!

Glad all went well with your mother.

Char said...

beautiful illustrations. so glad you are home safe and sound. :)

andrea creates said...

It's so hard to have our hearts in 2 places isn't it? :)
Hope you get your card back soon
-your illustrations are just lovely as always :)

cindy said...

welcome home and enjoy your weekend. the book looks great!

Kelly Berkey said...

Happy, happy, day!

So glad you are back and enjoying yourself. Your illustrations are so much fun, can't wait to see more!



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