Saturday, July 10, 2010

right now

right now this very moment... Mum is in the hospital having her operation...she's such a rock star...she never complains, she struggles to get from one side of the room to the next...and stairs have been an ever increasing battle.
 This past week has been spent hanging out with family. It's gorgeous weather here in the UK...and the girls are enjoying being with their cousins, cooling off under sprinklers and watering flowers and veggies for Mum.
I'm sending her positive thoughts and well wishes for a safe operation,Dad and I will go and see her later this afternoon.
I'm missing my Mr.R but have been so busy here that time has flown by...and know he has been busy too.

I had all intentions of blogging daily, but there have been times the internet has been down...I'm now using our Orange toggle...but would love for the internet Angel to work her magic on the regular connection down here because an image only took 20 mins to load!

I'm a bit nervous not knowing how the operation is going...will update this post as soon as possible.
Hope you're all well...I know you understand my lack on being here and visiting you all.

UPDATE:: Mum had her op today, everything went well...they did both her hips.
THANK YOU for ALL your prayers and thoughs.

Char (in the UK for a little while)


Pilli Pilli said...

Hey sweetie!

I really hope everything will work out well for your mom. (I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you! - even though it means I have to put my sewing aside for a while...)

A big big hug from Italy,

Sarah Coggrave said...

All the best to your mum - I hope it all goes well and wish her a swift recovery.

Sarah x

Char said...

sending love and prayers!!

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

thank you all...your prayers were heard...the operation went well and she had both hips operated on.

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blue china studio said...

Glad your Mom's operation went well. I wish her well.

Carly said...

GREAT news! My Mom had her hip done five years ago, and amazingly, was up walking after just two days. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery!

cindy said...

so glad everything went well. phew! xo, cindy


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