Thursday, August 12, 2010

MY 1998 sketchbook pages -Paravent/Screens

A BLAST from my PAST...
Un Paravent : A Paravent is the French word for screen. A Screen is a piece of furniture , to separate two spaces .  It consists of one or more parts, often wooden, and sometimes with a few pieces of fabric .

Before I came to Canada...this was one of my projects which I was working on...I sold them in Furniture stores and took commissions...they were starting to become popular again...especially with the larger homes on the Island (Mallorca/Spain) dividers meant one could set up cosy sitting areas...or use them outdoors by the pool for changing behind.
One lady bought one for her bedroom, as a peek-a-boo piece of furniture...
Below are a few of my sketch book pages where I kept my thought yesterday's post was different...this really IS v. different...but I loved working on these...and although on this computer I don't have any of the finished photos of products...I will one day dig them out...lets face was over 12 years ago!

the above screen was my favourite...and I painted each tile to resemble a Spanish/Portuguese Azulecos.(blue and white tile traditional from that region)
If I was working on a commission...I would make these paper screens for the clients...
If I had more room here...I would make them again. Perhaps when my studio is finished...who knows.

I love browsing through old sketch books...of mine and many memories,so many ideas executed and so many just waiting to be followed through.

Do you keep a sketch/idea book?

I'm off to ponder...thanks for stopping by.


Char said...

beautiful work - i always like to look back and see where i made progress and where i can still grow

Andrea said...

these are great! I could do with one for my bedroom to define the space. Nice work :)

Kiki said...

Char!! these are super-fabulous!! Gorgeous wow!! YOu are super talented and the energy shines through your work!! beautiful! You are creatively awesome!

I record everything..I used to keep a notebook of ideas..but for the past 8 years or so..I tape record everything! It works for me!
it is cool to listen back to your ideas and thoughts are often too fast to write that is how i do it funny ? ha ha! if it is an image of course..i can sketch it too!

Anonymous said... Art...

Sarah Coggrave said...

Thank you for sharing - I love looking at artists' sketchbooks :-)


Melody said...

Wow, those are impressive! I'm fascinated by the fact that you sold them in furniture stores, that's so cool!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Beautiful screen! it must be fun to look back at your old work/sketches :)

Jet said...
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Mariann said...

how fun, it's always amazing to find really old sketch books..... and sometimes a bit of cringe (for me;o), although in your case, not at all!!! I love screens... always thought they are an opportunity for a movable painting...:o)


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