Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BEYOND Bedding...

Happy Tuesdays fabulous readers!!...yes, I know...no Tell All Tuesdays this morning.
 This week has been crazy getting our Mamas and Chicks Show organised before my partner Cindy leaves to meet her adopted boy in China next week (SO excited for her!!!)
We're ALL sold out with the Show...which relieves SO much stress...you wouldn't believe the amount of worry goes through my head when we're scrambling for vendors the last month of the Show...which has only happened a couple of times...but anyway, I won't be worrying about it now!
So thinking of Cindy and her new baby I came across this BEAUTIFUL site which as it says in it's name "BEYOND BEDDING" carries the most amazing bedding, and accessories for children of all ages,even little cute outfits for toddlers...my jaw was dropping as I was browsing. The fabrics are stunning...
the colours are perfect...
the style is divine...
and the prices are extremely reasonable...

I mean...look how gorgeous these are!!
They even have teen bedding...and with a flat rate shipping cost of $7.95!!! WOW!

SPREAD the word...if you know of ANYONE who is having a baby,or is transitioning from baby crib to toddler...or a teen bedroom in need of a makeover...send them this link.

AND...they even have a blog!

Anyway...I am amazed what we can buy and find on the internet...

Have you purchased anything on the internet recently worth telling your friends and family about?

Have a great afternoon.


andrea creates said...

Lol, the most recent thing we've purchased on the internet was a cardboard cutout of Robert Pattinson. I used it in my last knit hat post ;)
I'll go check out the links :)

Char said...

that little bw outfit is so adorable


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