Thursday, August 26, 2010

Portrait in pencil and pen - UP ALL night!!!

Hello lovelies,
Actually, I was up a couple of nights...and days...and's not that easy when you're trying to finish(or start) commissions when you're a stay at home Mum. Especially when they're this time consuming.
I haven't ever done a group portrait like this before it was a great challenge.
The photo which I was given was just a 4x6 snapshot...and the finished portrait measures 16x20...
Like I said it was a challenge!!! (scroll down to see the finished and framed piece)
Et Voila....the finished piece.
Do you recognise the little girl in the front left? Yes, it's the same girl as I did the Pastel Portrait of the other week.
So...check back later to see what they think of this...I'm delivering it today on the basis of..."thank you very much" and moving on!(yup, not expecting anything this time...I think it will be better for me:-)
Yeah, I know...the above sounds cold, and pehaps I should care...but I am happy with my work, and really,does it matter if they are? (because I'm NOT changing this one!)

Have you had any challenges this week?

HUGS until later.
 DELIVERY UPDATE:: They loved it...but I was sent home with the Pastel Portrait from 2 weeks ago...the mother thought her daughter looks too old and big? Hey...keeping my funders (word? think not) happy...a girl (and family) gotta eat!!


Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

WOW I think it is just amazing ! Wish I was as talented as you. Just be proud of your work, that's the most important thing ;-)

andrea said...

Oh yes,challenges. But not creatively.
It's so neat to see the progress of your drawing! It looks great :)

Char said...

what a fun portrait!

yes...sometimes we just have to be that way about stuff.

blue china studio said...

That turned out great! I really don't see how they wouldn't like it.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

great job! That is amazing- you really captured the feel of the happy moment!

Maggi Co said...

Wow!!!!!!!Impressive!!!!Thank you for showing the process

Cathy Bueti said...

Wow!! This is AMAZING!! Beautiful work! How could they not like it?! :)

Juanita Tortilla said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm speechless!
It is incredible!


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